Finding a great deal on high-end designer shoes is bound to make you excited, at least until you find out that the Cheap Christian Louboutin shoes you just purchased are actually fake. Now you're angry that you spent the money on fake shoes and embarrassed that somebody may believe you're trying to pass off "knockoff" shoes as the real thing. By knowing what to look for before you make your purchase, you can spot these fake shoes from the real thing.Other People Are ReadingHow to Spot Fake Coach ShoesHow to Spot Fake Fendi ShoesPrint this articleInstructions 1Begin by carefully checking the name on the shoe. People who sell fake shoes know that the human eye can play tricks on an individual. When you glance at the shoe, you may believe that it says "Manolo Blahnik" on the inside when in reality one of the "Os" in Manolo have been changed to an "A."2Make yourself familiar with different shoe logos. A shoe logo is something that is easy to change and it can be very difficult to tell the actual logo from a fraudulent one. This is especially true when dealing with sneakers. Know what a real Nike "swoosh" looks like before you buy a pair of sneakers off of the street or Internet. If the swoosh looks wider than normal, you're probably looking at fake shoes.3Learn where certain shoes are made. Many times, people who sell fake shoes will get lazy and forget to remove a tag from a shoe. If you are aware that a certain shoe is made in France but the tag in the shoe says "Made in China," you can be sure that the shoes are indeed fake.4Look at the stitching found on the inside of the shoe. "Real" shoes are inspected thoroughly to ensure that the stitches are even and symmetrical. Fake shoes will often have a stitch missing or there will be more stitches on one side of the shoe than the other. You should also look at the color of the stitches. If the stitches are a color that isn't located anywhere on the shoes, the shoes are probably fake.5Know the designs of shoes and sneakers before you start shopping. People who are especially conniving will place a designer name and logo on a shoe or sneaker that is actually from Target, Wal-Mart or Payless. The easiest way to educate yourself on actual shoe designs is to look in magazines, trustworthy stores and the company's official Website. Be sure to note color patterns and logo location on the actual pair of shoes before you buy them from a third-party Website, store or individual.6Try the shoes on if at all possible Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes. Obviously, this is not something you can do if shopping online. If buying shoes off the street, though, it's always a good idea to put the shoes on and see how they feel. A fake shoe will often feel uncomfortable or noticeably "different" than the real shoe. This is because the fabric used in the fake shoe is simply not as good as that used in the true version of the shoe.Tips & WarningsUse common sense when shopping for shoes. Buying shoes off of Canal Street in Manhattan, eBay or other areas notorious for fraud increases the odds that you are purchasing fake shoes.

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