Lyle & Scott has a 130-year tradition Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes of creating stylish, classic Scottish sweaters (called "jumpers" in the United Kingdom). Based in Hawick, Scotland, the company has collaborated with design greats like Christian Dior. Lyle & Scott is known, in particular, for its golf apparel and classic menswear. As with all designer brands, crafty counterfeiters seek to emulate and "knock-off" Lyle & Scott knitwear for sale on the discount market. There are some easy hallmarks to look for to determine if your Lyle & Scott jumper is real or fake.Does this Spark an idea?Other People Are ReadingHow to Identify Vintage Gibson Acoustic GuitarsLyle Guitar HistoryPrint this articleInstructions 1Check out the price. While Lyle & Scott jumpers are reasonably priced, the company has a policy of not discounting one style in a line unless it is going to discount the entire line. If you are considering purchasing a Lyle & Scott jumper that has been discounted, determine if other styles in the seasonal line the discounted sweater comes from have been similarly marked down Christian Louboutin Shoes. If they haven't been marked down, the discounted sweater is most likely counterfeit.2Pay attention to where you shop. Like most designers, Lyle & Scott sells its merchandise via its flagship brick-and-mortar store and through approved retail outlets. Check the Lyle & Scott website or with the management of a Lyle & Scott store to obtain a list of authorized retailers of its product. If the store offering a Lyle & Scott jumper for sale is not on that list, most likely the garment is counterfeit.3Look at the logo. The Lyle & Scott logo is an eagle that is independently embroidered and then stitched onto the jumper. If you turn the jumper inside out and the logo piece hasn't been affixed in this way, it is not a real Lyle & Scott.4Feel the fabric. Lyle & Scott is noted for using high-quality textiles. If the material feels sub-par or cheap, it is not a real Lyle & Scott.5Look at the collar and buttons. Lyle & Scott has regularly spaced buttons (for styles with buttons) and a trademark V-neck collar on its one-piece jumpers. If the jumper you're considering does not have these hallmarks, it is not a real Lyle & Scott.Tips & WarningsReport counterfeit fashion to your local law enforcement department.

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